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Published on 2/05/2021
I have been told numerous times over the last year that due to lockdown there will be a flood of depressed clients beating a path to my door for help and it’s certainly true that lockdown has been very hard for many people...
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Published on 15/02/2021
How often have you watched a film, or maybe read or listened to a book where you strongly identified with the main protagonist or another key character...
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Free the child within

Published on 12/12/2020
Do you ever feel like there is a child inside of you, that is crying, sad or needs love or attention? Even if you seem so strong to all around you from the outside?
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Learning from crochet

Published on 22/11/2020
I was lying in bed this morning looking for some inspiration for a new blog, when I glanced over at a cushion I had made with my newfound passion for crochet and as I was enjoying it I was also recalling how it took a great deal of patience as I only started to learn to crochet last year and it was a challenging new stitch for me...
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Published on 21/08/2020
I am aware that we are living in unprecedented times and the dangers of contracting COVID are real, so like most of you, I am taking sensible precautions and keeping safe. Thankfully I’m able to do that with relative ease and am happy to wear a mask in shops etc to protect myself and others...
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Published on 10/06/2020
I was listening to a podcast with Marian Keyes, the author the other day and I was interested in her view of life around the expectation we have around what she identified as ‘self-optimization’...
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Two views

Published on 1/06/2020
I am currently sitting at my computer and aware that I appear to have two competing world views going on in my head….I know that these are just thought’s and not necessarily real, but right now they both feel very real to me
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A good cry

Published on 9/05/2020
At this moment in our lives, we are all being pushed to extremes as nothing is the way it was and I don’t know about you, but occasionally it seems to help to have a ‘good’ cry
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