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As a human being on this planet right now, there is plenty to challenge us, health, politics, loss, social media, and probably something specific to you that affects some aspect of your life to some degree.

Everybody seems to want to sell us something, whether these are goods, dreams or a magic pill of some description, and don’t get me wrong it would be wonderful if the magic pill existed, but reality is so much more sobering. The question I get asked most, and not just by my clients is ‘What’s the point?’

Science tells us that our minds make decisions for us before we even become aware of them, we try and filter out what makes us unhappy or unhealthy, and yet life itself continues on despite our choices.

Should we be living more mindfully, eating better, exercising more, buying less? Do you believe in many lifetimes, or is this the only one?

All these are huge questions and yet what if the point is to experience all of these things, these thoughts, the happy and unhappy, the good and the bad, because these are all events where the only judgment actually comes from our mind, which is coming up with values and interpretations about what we sense because we all filter life and life events through our own belief systems, which in turn are created by our experiences as we journey through life, right from the earliest days.

So what if nothing you believe is true, what if you had to start over as that carefree child you once were, what would you choose to take along with you and what would you leave behind?

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Dani Dennington
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