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So many clients come to see me because their life is unpredictable and they want to be safe.

Of course with our thinking heads on we all know life is unpredictable…. But hope that’s for other people and that we can carry on making safe choices and that by doing so we can keep ourselves and our loved ones protected.

Until… that is…. We come upon something that happens to us or those we love and then our thinking brain takes a back seat and we operate from an instinctive place that has more to do with subconscious processing.

One of my favourite questions to ask anyone I work with, when they describe such a scenario is ‘If I parachuted 10 people into your situation now, would they all respond the same way you are?’

Answers vary, some cannot see or think about any other way of being in that moment and others understand that their response, whilst it may be not unique to themselves is only one way of many to play the story.

Some work so hard to keep themselves safe that they create a kind of OCD which allows them to believe that if they follow a certain protocol, all will be well, others touch wood or wear their lucky underpants, and it allows them the temporary belief that they are doing all they can.

A very wise friend once told me that in living with unpredictability, all we really need to do is get to tomorrow, when we embrace it can allow us to open up to opportunity and flow, to be in the moment, and have a better understanding of life and what that is, even in the midst of pain.

If we can find a way to surrender to it, we can acknowledge that Life is about change, though most often change happens so slowly we don’t even notice it, so that it's only when it happens quickly that we feel unsteady, and yet that is where we grow, out of our comfort zone and so often creativity comes out of that moment, when we learn that we have more resources than we may have realized to get us to that tomorrow.

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Dani Dennington
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