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Two days

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One day recently I woke up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, lay relaxing in my warm comfortable bed, and mused over how lucky I have been, how I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat, friends, and family who I love and who love me in return and it created a warm glow inside of me as I felt good, really good, and luckier than so many people around the world.

The following day I woke, a little more rushed, felt a little anxiety, and generally unloved and unlovable, some old fears started in my mind and I just wanted to pull the covers up over my head and sleep the day away as I couldn’t see how I was going to get through the day without difficulty.

I should imagine both those scenarios are ones we can all be familiar with, but the reality and my reality is that nothing had really changed except my view of my world, so it seems that I was able to go from one extreme to the other in just a few hours when the only difference between those two days was my perception of them.

This can be true with people around us too, and a very good friend has a saying I keep in my head at all times, as its probably the most useful phrase I have ever been told, “How is this different from yesterday?”, or “How is that person different from how they’ve ever been?”

Do try it yourself, as it has a way of grounding me to the present moment and allowing me to stand apart from how my thoughts and the story I am telling myself is interfering with what is.

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