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When I look around me I see many people who don’t have the confidence to believe that they have the skills to live life to the full, for example to market their own business or decorate their own home, let alone the larger questions about who we are and were we are going? and I wonder what the difference is between them and myself?

I would not be happy to have someone interior decorate my home or as a so-called PR expert, tell me how best to market my business… don’t get me wrong, there is plenty I can learn, but that’s the point. I’d rather learn and explore options that feel right for me, than be told how to do it.

Many of you who know me will probably be laughing out loud at this point as I’m not known for following instructions or being told what to do, and there is clearly a flip side where many others will happily follow the direction of so-called experts, even when they come from an entirely different market or background.

The reason I’m highlighting this here is that when we come from a place of internal self-belief then making a decision about these things, or most things, for that matter, maybe the first question could be a more internal one…such as,  ‘What do I want to get from this interaction?’

We like the idea of popping a pill or waving a magic wand and having the answers given to us, but I’m not convinced that this brings lasting solutions or answers that sit easily with us for long.

The way that I work is based on two questions from Quest Cognitive hypnotherapy ‘What’s that about?’ and ‘How can I use it?’

With these simple questions its entirely possible to help anyone to find the answers internally and when that happens, there is often an AH HA! moment where they suddenly become aware of what it is they want and then we can use the questions to help them work out the best way for them to get there.

These questions are rather like a beacon or torch highlighting the way forward, which is why when my clients come back to me and say how much I helped them, I always refer back to the fact that all the answers came from within them, I just help shine the torch in the right place for them to locate the answer they often didn’t even realize they were looking for!

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Dani Dennington
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I have helped clients with:
  1. Confidence & Motivation
  2. Decision making
  3. Goal setting
  4. Relaxation & Self-Hypnosis
  5. Life Coaching
  6. Improved Relationships
  7. Confident Childbirth
  8. Managing Anxiety & Stress
  9. Public Speaking 
  10. Depression
  11. Phobias and Fears
  12. Panic attacks
  13. Insomnia
  14. Unwanted habits & more
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