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Powerful imagination

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Our minds have a gift that we can all use and do use every day….our imagination.

For some this means imagining all the terrible things that could or might happen, the what ifs……..! and this is so often part of the problem.

But what about the imagining of beautiful and wonderful times, we like to put dates in our diaries, to plan holidays, especially now things are easing up around the world. We can use our imagination to create dreams and wishes and see them in our mind, even if it is something like imagining how much better things will be when this current situation is over.

So that if you have a choice, and I believe we all do, why not spend your time creating these thoughts in your mind, maybe for a moment try feeling these two opposite feelings for a few minutes in whatever way you can imagine it, think about your body language, your posture, where you are looking etc when you imagine those difficult thoughts.

Then look up and think about all the good things that might happen, notice your breathing, whether its your shoulders or stomach that feel more relaxed, or maybe your entire body feels different in some way.

My clients are often amazed at how being directed to feel into the two opposing states allows them to recognise and enjoy the good feelings and how much easier it is than they think it will be, that just by putting your attention somewhere that makes you happy can create feelings of happiness throughout one’s body and of course this also has an impact on one’s mind.

The most fascinating thing is that when you put your attention to either of these states you are literally changing your body, the chemicals that are released from both states are different, so that you can change your blood, just imagine that……..Having a tool that is so powerful that in moments you can transform your blood….and therefore your mind.

The best thing is that this is just the beginning, by focussing on what brings you joy, you can begin to notice this creeping into your life more and life gets better, you feel better and even if it just 5% better than before its worth working towards and something you can build on

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