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Online vs reality - balance?

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I could spend every moment of my waking life listening to podcasts, reading interesting things on all the various social media, and during lockdowns, this was a great way of keeping informed and ‘busy’ and a great distraction.

Some of it is rubbish or trivial but there is also a lot of really, really good stuff out there that I'd like to listen to, or watch, things Id like to know more about and learn from to become more informed. But there just isn't enough time in the day.

Recently I became more aware of the ‘metaverse’ an online 3D virtual world based on so-called ‘human connection’ and anyone who knows me, knows I love being online and still  I find this almost terrifying and yet much like the discovery of nuclear power I’m sure it will bring both good and bad into our world at the extremes and meanwhile it takes from what we benefit from most, actual physical connection.

Even my work has moved largely online and in many ways, I am embracing this and even benefitting from it, its easier to sit in my front room and even to create the sense that as a therapist I can almost sound like I am inside the head of my clients, for them, in this virtual way at times, but it also misses something vital about the essential need for ‘real’ human connection. It feels very real and the difference is hardly tangible, and yet it is still there.

….and  I’m left wondering how as we go forward in this newer normal, how do we find enough time to read and absorb all the good information and how and where do we draw the line, as it becomes more and more necessary and yet challenging to find a balance.

…… so first I’m going to take a short break and then I'm going to get on with making things happen in my world. Fitting in just a few of those interesting articles and podcasts, but mostly working with clients and seeing people, maybe even reading more around subjects related to my work. Leaving the easy confines of this virtual world and reaching out for that human connection on a more regular basis now that we can…. And nothing in the world beats a good hug! (not everyone will agree with me on this!)

Published on 22/02/2022Back
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