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Learning from crochet

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I was lying in bed this morning looking for some inspiration for a new blog, when I glanced over at a cushion I had made with my newfound passion for crochet and as I was enjoying it I was also recalling how it took a great deal of patience as I only started to learn to crochet last year and it was a challenging new stitch for me.

The thing that struck me most of all is the fact that with one thread of yarn and a hook you can basically create such satisfying beauty with a set of knots and loops and that in one crazy moment I could actually take the thread end and pull and pull, (called frogging, because you ribbit) and the whole thing could come undone and realised this is a wonderful metaphor for life in so many ways…

The attention to detail and hours invested in creating something meaningful… the accumulation of a lot of small daily efforts, achievements and time and how it can seemingly all unravel in a moment with a comment, something small changing that affects the whole and yet it doesn’t and cannot take away all the learning involved in the process of creation.

I wonder how many things we create in our lives, meals created with love, only to be demolished in a sitting, skills we acquire when we never know how and when we will put them to good use. Small new lessons that gradually over time become the experiences of a lifetime. Each one a gift in its own way and each one learned by doing and undoing until we are satisfied with what we have achieved.

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