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How ill is ill enough

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Recently I was fortunate enough to have a whole shoulder replacement! Yes I know, they can do them and it seems very successfully too with minimal scarring and almost instantaneous relief from what was a very sore and painful shoulder joint.

However, I was in a huge dilemma for some months before going ahead with surgery, because in my mind it wasn’t painful enough, not sore enough, and not all the time.

I was under the impression that in order to qualify for such surgery I would need to be in agony all the time, and whilst it was becoming worse quite quickly, there were times when I could forget about it, when I was relaxing or watching TV for example.

It then crossed my mind that many of my clients feel like that when they come to see me, they call when at their lowest or most vulnerable, and yet when questioned about this the reply is so often, ‘You must think I’m mad as its really not that bad most of the time!’
I was reassured that no surgeon would do such an operation unless it was a necessity and just how bad does anything need to get before we choose to do something about it?

Why wait until one is immobilised or feeling the anxiety 24/7, why not do something about it when one is better able to recover more quickly because things have not deteriorated to a point when recovery is much more difficult or complex.

My surgeon was a very approachable man who listened to my concerns and was able to help me, and it was easier to have this surgery and recover than I could have imagined, funnily enough, that is similar to the comments I get from client feedback, when the comment I hear most often, is ‘I wish I had come to see you a long time ago, it was so much easier to let it go than I ever imagined it could be!’

So if you have some concerns, why not get in touch, no problem too small that we cant affect positive change by taking action.

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