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I think I am very lucky… not because only good things have happened in my life, but because I feel I have in part created what came out of the things that have happened, good and bad, so that I feel largely that, at the moment, I am in control of my destiny.

The reason this has become more apparent is that I have spoken with a number of people, friends, and clients recently that don’t feel that they have people around them that ‘get them’, or with whom they can truly be themselves. This is such an old familiar to me as there were so many times in my life when I also felt that way, so I have to thank all those that threw me out of my comfort zone, even though I didn’t want to be thrown and certainly wasn’t ready to jump, and this certainly doesn’t mean I forgive them, only that now I can see the bigger picture, I can see that there was so much more for me than I could see, let alone imagine at the time.

This leaves me in a circle of friends that know who I am, because I am no longer afraid to speak my truth, from my heart and soul and more importantly I know who I am, so that I am comfortable with me, enjoy being me and have people around me that I can share my dreams and thoughts with, so that together we can help each other build on this foundation and continue to create more together, by learning together and helping each other grow.

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Dani Dennington
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