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Be gentle with yourself

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I was listening to the radio this Sunday morning whilst eating my breakfast and a song came up that touched me somewhere inside and tears started rolling down my face, it wasn’t a song that I consciously remember being an anchor to a memory that might make me cry and I was left feeling a little confused and wondering why?

Life can be like that cant it, when we sometimes get triggered into an emotion without always understanding or knowing where it came from, it can be a colour, a smell, a song or the sense or touch of a particular fabric.

Our unconscious remembers everything (so it is said) but our recall is often poor, and yet when there is an emotional connection to a time and place, however this comes into our awareness, it can arrive unexpectedly and disarm us.

These moments can be delightful and a link to wonderful memories and at other times it can seem as if we are behaving out of character and may respond like a child or in a way that seems unreasonable.

The beauty of the work that I do is that I have a way of accessing those memories which may be triggering unwelcome behaviour and letting them go in a safe and supported way, leaving my clients free to get on with living their lives, the way they choose.

For me now, I am also able to process the tears and understand where they come from and be gentle with myself.

Be gentle with yourself today too!

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