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I am aware that we are living in unprecedented times and the dangers of contracting COVID are real, so like most of you, I am taking sensible precautions and keeping safe. Thankfully I’m able to do that with relative ease and am happy to wear a mask in shops etc to protect myself and others.

However increasingly I am more concerned about the fear that is being whipped up by conspiracy theorists and those who fear their liberty is being compromised.

Surely if COVID has taught us anything it is about how to be in the moment, letting go of the past and not being able to predict the future, that there is no certainty, so that NOW is all we have.

When we spend so much time out in the future worrying about the ‘What if’s’ we are missing something so valuable about now.

It is generally accepted that when we spend time in fear and anxiety it compromises our immune system and response and causes us to be in ‘fight or flight’, this isn’t good for us as human beings and puts us at further risk from all illnesses.

So how do I stay In the NOW…… I am learning how to trust, to trust that whatever happens, I will find a way to deal with it, after all, I like many of you have had to deal with far worse personal situations and yet here I am, still here and by and large, still smiling.

Please take a breath, enjoy something small in your day to day life, stop looking at social media or reduce your engagement with it and remember the ‘monsters’ are mostly of our own creation.

If you need to talk to someone, then there are many therapists like me who are available and happy to help

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