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Yesterday I spoke with a client who came to work with me a couple of years ago, and whom I hadn’t seen for over a year, its often like that, and in my profession there generally isn’t feedback to know how things have turned out, because back then he had many problems that were causing him to find life difficult.

However despite finding the change work we did together challenging and daily life exhausting from maintaining his thoughts and beliefs about himself, slowly he was able to turn things around, to face his demons and therefore to diminish their power over him, He wanted to believe things could be better, but in those early days, I’m not sure he really did.

I wrongly presumed the reason he came back was that something had triggered off some old patterns and yet instead he sat in front of me and told me, that he not only liked himself, but he also loved himself too and that life was good,  and how funny it was to hear himself say that as he hadn’t quite got used to feeling that change, how sometimes the old thoughts flashed through his mind and he was now able to recognise them and wave them goodbye as they came and went, he recognises that he is a work in progress (aren’t we all!) and just wanted to come back and show me how he was now, so that instead of that fearful, under-confident person, who didn’t trust himself, I saw before me a strong individual who knows himself so much better, who is able to smile outwardly and respond and engage positively with others.

Days like that are why I love my job. I’m reminded how we can all make the change and be the change we want, despite the hurdles we spy along the way and what we tell ourselves about them.

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