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Broken and whole

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This time 2 years ago, I was fortunate to be able to attend a conference where Maria Sirois was talking about paradox and positivity.

How can we hold the possibility of being broken and whole at the same time, and yet this is where many of us are at any given time, managing to hold onto life while at the same time feeling like we cannot cope.

When I have thought about things that might happen to me or my loved ones, I find myself thinking ‘if x happened I wouldn’t be able to cope’ and yet when the worst things have happened, somehow I’ve managed not only to find a way through but can now look back and know that despite these things, here I am and still smiling!

One of the most useful phrases she uses is ‘If my day were 3% more filled with meaning/pleasure I would…….’

So simple and yet imagining life at 50% better is almost to difficult to fathom, but 3% or even 1% at a push, that feels doable

So when life feels like it's just too difficult to navigate try imagining how it would look at 3% better, whatever that is, and know that positive transformation is about small changes which over time equals success.

If you want to know more about Maria Sirois and her work checkout

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