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A new normal

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I have been resisting writing a blog, as like many of you I have been overwhelmed at times, plus I had to find a way to leave my family in Australia and get home to the UK in the middle of lockdown. I am now thankfully 12 days home and feeling well and thinking towards the future.

Before the outbreak of Covid when I saw clients I would often tell them how we really have no control, that it is an illusion we create in order to feel safe, and watch their reaction as the thought of this dawned on them, and just how many of us were so used to this illusion of control. The reaction was often one that looked like a startled rabbit in the headlights and this was just a few weeks ago! and yet none of us could have imagined how this new reality would play out in this strange new normal we currently live in.

I am seeing a lot of posts looking back at the development of this pandemic and casting blame at the government and whilst I didn’t vote for them and have little respect for them and know that they must answer for their choices, in good time; right now I don’t feel it’s helpful to our well-being to be blaming and fuelling hatred, as it isn’t good for us personally to be carrying such bad feelings.

I am also keenly aware of just how lucky I am to live where I do and have a happy roof over my head, enough to eat etc and that there are so very many less fortunate than myself, and those who are risking their lives every day to help us.

I know it may seem a long way off, but just as I have always done, I would encourage you to think about what you want for the future, do you want things to return to the old ‘normal’ or if you think about it, what might you now choose to change? Your thinking, your way of life, your food use, how much you drive? The amount of clothes and stuff you buy? etc Really visualise it, detail it, so that when restrictions are lifted and we can be more sure of our safety, we can all be a little more present with the impact we have on the world and the impact it has on us.

Setting goals does seem like those times might feel a long way off, and I’m not one for setting huge goals, just doing what feels comfortable for now in small ways and what is achievable for you, easier some days than others, and that’s OK!

I am making some skype sessions available for a reduced rate for those of you in financially challenging situations right now and if you feel that it would be helpful to talk to someone like me, then please do get in touch. I won’t sugarcoat this situation but have access to a number of techniques that offer practical and emotional help and support.

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