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Published on 25/01/2016
So many clients come to see me because their life is unpredictable and they want to be safe. Of course with our thinking heads on we all know life is unpredictable…. But hope that’s for other people and that we can carry on making safe choices and that by doing so we can keep ourselves and our loved ones protected.
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The elusive certainty of youth

Published on 19/07/2015
As I watch my youngest son telling me how it is about something he seems so sure of, I find myself wistful for those days when everything seemed so sure, for the certainty of youth. When I seemed so sure, when my world was held together by beliefs that I held about how things are, and I could argue to uphold those truths, my truths with vigour.
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Two days

Published on 9/12/2014
One day recently I woke up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, lay relaxing in my warm comfortable bed and mused over how lucky I have been, how I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat, friends and family who I love and who love me in return and it created a warm glow inside of me as I felt good, really good, and luckier than so many people around the world.
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Published on 5/12/2014
Yesterday I spoke with a client who came to work with me a couple of years ago, and whom I hadn’t seen for over a year, its often like that, and in my profession there generally isn’t feedback to know how things have turned out, because back then he had many problems that were causing him to find life difficult.
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Getting comfortable

Published on 26/11/2014
I think I am very lucky… not because only good things have happened in my life, but because I feel I have in part created what came out of the things that have happened, good and bad, so that I feel largely that, at the moment, I am in control of my destiny.
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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

Published on 13/11/2014
In the last month I have experienced both the highest highs and lowest lows of my life. In the past times like these would have rendered me numb and unable to function properly and yet life is carrying on and the mindfulness I am able to show every moment, means that I am no longer bounced around, subject to these emotions but recognise what they are with a new kind of acceptance, allowing the joy and sadness to each sit with me for as long as they need, before they move on and I can stay connected to the here and now and be grateful for being able to be me at all times.
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Training with Brian Weiss

Published on 3/11/2014
I have been very fortunate to train with Brian Weiss this Autumn in the beautiful setting of the Omega Institute, in the Hudson Valley north of New York.
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Do something

Published on 3/11/2014
I really love my job, but the one thing I am noticing a lot with any of my clients is that they don’t and that they are ignoring all the signs of stress, anxiety etc that is their bodies way of trying to alert them to this fact.
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