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Be gentle with yourself

Published on 4/02/2018
I was listening to the radio this Sunday morning whilst eating my breakfast and a song came up that touched me somewhere inside and tears started rolling down my face, it wasn’t a song that I consciously remember being an anchor to a memory that might make me cry and I was left feeling a little confused and wondering why?
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Change can be interesting

Published on 18/01/2018
Thank you to all of my clients over the last year for embracing change! I wish you all the very best as we go into 2018. To all those who have already booked for this year, lets enjoy the process and see where it takes us.
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The confusion of choice

Published on 6/11/2017
I work with a lot of young people, from ages 8 upwards and many at around 14 – 19, they come with a myriad of problems as you can imagine, but underlying many of these is stress and anxiety. They feel confused and don’t understand the rules that society, education and family places on them and are often at a loss as to how to engage with their environment, or so often they simply can’t see the point!
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Published on 31/10/2017
I was driving somewhere the other day, which is so often when the best ideas pop into my head, there was some sort of programme on radio 4 about confidence and how many of us struggle with it.
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Published on 23/07/2017
Whilst I was supervising a colleague the other day I came across a word I really dislike in relation to clients and every time it comes up, it makes me feel almost physically uncomfortable . The reason I dislike the word ‘resistance’ so much is that it makes it a challenge that the client brings to the session, as part of their problem, the reason for any limited success, and my belief is that if something is not working, it’s because I am not paying attention to what the client is really bringing to me, so that I can help them. After all resistance only exists if you push back.
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Do nothing ... or do something?

Published on 20/04/2017
I was lying in bed the other night, this is traditionally where I have my best ideas, and wondering why so often I need to drive myself to do something, whether its exercise, tax return or something of that ilk and how often if I just leave it for that day or week, I feel like I am being lazy etc. and how this becomes a cycle of negative self-talk.
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Change your life lens

Published on 8/12/2016
I have been reminded recently just how much information we can absorb and how much we have to delete in order to have the brain capacity to make sense of our world. This is because our brains would pretty much explode if we could pay attention to and remember everything that is going on around us…. For example you don’t tend to think about how your feet feel in your shoes, as that is just part of what we take for granted or delete in order to leave room for the details our mind labels as a priority.
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Vale life November 2016 issue

Published on 10/11/2016
Dani Dennington has trained with some of the top names in hypnotherapy and combines this with expertise in a variety of related treatments and techniques to offer an individually tailored approach to solving your problems.
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Dani Dennington
Email me 01844 261 22307932 793 135
I have helped clients with:
  1. Confidence & Motivation
  2. Decision making
  3. Goal setting
  4. Relaxation & Self-Hypnosis
  5. Pain Control
  6. Life Coaching
  7. Improved Relationships
  8. Confident Childbirth
  9. Managing Anxiety & Stress
  10. Public Speaking 
  11. Depression
  12. Phobias and Fears
  13. Panic attacks
  14. Weight control
  15. Smoking Cessation
  16. Insomnia
  17. Unwanted habits & more
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