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Anita Moorjani and Self-love

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This weekend I was fortunate to be able to attend a workshop with Anita Moorjani, the Author of Dying to be me. This book was instrumental in me navigating my way through breast cancer last year.

Her remarkable NDE (Near-death experience) and subsequent healing from end-stage cancer is one of the most amazing cases ever recorded. But what makes her stand out is how she has learnt to tap into her own body’s wisdom which came out of that experience and her wish to share her learning from that time with as many as possible.

Having seen her on various online video clips and read her book, I knew much of her story, but what impressed me most of all was how natural and unaffected she is, what came to mind is that she is an ordinary woman who had an extraordinary experience. She was quietly confident on stage as one who is sure of what she is saying and yet lets the story speak for itself, and she was fighting a throat infection, and yet it felt like she was talking to each and every one of us as individuals in such a natural way with no sense of ego.

Her workshop gave me much food for thought, but it was the idea of living fearlessly as your authentic self that resonated most with me, particularly because being congruent (from Carl Rogers’ personality theory, the compliance between the ideal self and actual self) is fundamental to who I am and how I live.

I struggle with self-love as do many if not all of my clients at some level and we all face challenges in life, but when I think of my children and my family there is so much unconditional love and even when sometimes I don’t like their behaviour, that doesn’t change the love I feel for them, so I have learnt that I can love myself the same way, and still know that I am a work in progress as we all are.

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